Equine Performance Nutrition

Equiplanet is the Tecnozoo brand involved in the production and marketing of a complete line of mineral feed and supplements designed to supplement the diet of the sports horse in all stages of its growth and career.

The rapid rise in appreciation of the Equiplanet brand in Italy and abroad is due not only to the quality and attention paid to production but also to the technical staff supporting product innovation and optimisation.
The products therefore arise from a constant exchange of information between the technical-commercial network and staff devoted to research and formulation. This is reflected in the characteristics of the highly focussed products aimed at improving and stabilising the physical-athletic condition of the animals and encouraging excellent levels of wellbeing.

Quality, Safety and Professionalism are essential objectives of Equiplanet. In order to ensure that the first two points are met in full and with a view to Continuous Improvement, the company has obtained system certification ISO 9001 2008 and has implemented quality in production using only raw materials with absolutely no OGMs and animal origin proteins and fats.

The Quality Control and Management system, the standardisation and encoding of production, the continuous training provided to line operators and the choice of suppliers and raw materials, together with the analytical controls all come together to guarantee high standards of product quality and reliability.

The customer focus, striving to support him in all demands and keep him informed as to our innovative technical solutions, is a critical element for the company and an essential input in the search for new products and to improve those already available.
Equiplanet aims to supply a high-performance product that meets customer demands and expectations, whilst ensuring that the animal's needs and requirements are met.