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2 October 2019
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2 October 2019

Aminotech New



Powder supplement with vitamins, trace elements and branched amino acids
  • Contains chelated trace-elements
  • Improve efficiency and muscle Tone
  • Saving of muscle glycogen
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Polveri 2_500g

AMINOTECH NEW simultaneously meets the need for vitamins and mineral essential for the proper functioning of the body. It also provides important ramified amino acids to nourish the muscle, as they are used as energy source during physical exercise in order to delaying the consumption of glycogen in the muscle.


Amino Acids: Arginine 10.000 mg, Isoleucine 40.000 mg, Valine Arginine
60.000 mg.
Trace Elements: Chelated zinc 4.050 mg – Chelated copper 1.620 mg.
Vitamins: Vit. E 6.750 mg/H (BIOTIN) 7.2 mg.
Complete composition: see label.


1 Scoop = 20 g.
Light work: 20 g head/day.
Medium work: 40 g head/day.
Hard work: 60 g head/day.
Growing foals: 20 g head/day.


Equigest Plus – Oil Performance – Osteo Foal


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