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2 October 2019
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2 October 2019

Biotinvet 10.000


Feed supplement for the prevention and hooves alteration treatment
  • Provide 200 mg of Biotin per dose
  • Ensure excellent condition of the hoof making it healthy and robust
  • It improves the quality of the mane and coat.
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Polveri 2_500g

BIOTINVET 10.000 supplies high quantity of Biotin, Zinc and Methionine that help maintain hooves and mane in optimal conditions. Ideal in case of weak hooves. Enriched with extracts of medicinal plants that increase peripheral circulation. Biotin: stimulates the production of keratin. Zinc: participates in the synthesis of sulfur amino acids of collagen and hoof. Methionine: sulfur amino acid precursor of keratin.


Biotin 10.000 mg, Zinc 25.000 mg, DL Methionine 130.000 mg. Gingko biloba extract, Centella asiatica extract, Vaccinium myrtillus extract.
Complete composition: see label.


1 scoop = 40 g.
Maintaining dose: 10 g per day for 25 days as needed.
Reinforcement / Growth hooves: 20 g per day until obtaining the result (at
least 100 consecutive days).
Foal: 20 g per day.
Adult Horse: 40 g per day.


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