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Devil Dol

Phytotherapic liquid supplement with anti-phlogistic action
  • Contrasting action to phlogistic processes and pain relief action
  • Improves muscular and skeletal development

Liquidi 1Lt

DEVIL DOL is based on plants extracts that have properties able to reduce the undesired effects of athletic fatigue of the muscle-skeletal apparatus in the sports horse, involving the bones and muscles. Filipendula Ulmaria and Rubus Fruticosus have an anti-phlogistic action, Ribes Nigrum has a capillary protective action.


Filipendula ulmaria glyceric extract 80.000 mg, Rubus fruticosus glyceric extract 60.000 mg, Ribes nigrum glyceric extract 60.000 mg.
Complete composition: see label.


Complementary in anti-phlogistic treatments: 20 ml per day until achieving of the desired result.
For horses until 300 Kg of body weight 30 ml per day.
For horses more than 300 Kg body weight 40 ml per day.
Pre-race: 50 ml per day for 4 days before competition.


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