Ideal Rep
Ideal Rep
2 October 2019
Protected Honey Hoof
Protected Honey Hoof
2 October 2019

Flogel Stop


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Creme 8 kg

FLOGEL STOP Product-based on arnica and clay with a refreshing action


Complete composition: see label.


Apply on the limbs after cold or hot work (heating in a water bath), rubbing lightly until a layer of at least 5 mm thickness is obtained.
Wrap and leave to rest for about 12 hours. Then remove the dough by thoroughly washing it with water.
Repeat as needed

Apply to the legs, hot or cold (warming up in a bain-marie) after work, massaging lightly to obtain a layer at least 1 cm thick. Bind and let rest for about 12 hours. Remove the paste by simple washing with water.
Repeat as required.

Packaging: 3 Kg bucket


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