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2 October 2019
Horse Mineral Pellet
Horse Mineral Pellet
2 October 2019

Hemo Complex


Liquid supplement with high content of Vitamins and Trace Elements
  • Prevents work resistance.
  • Stimulates the tissues’ oxygenation.
  • Provides vitamins and trace elements.
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HEMO COMPLEX provides the horse with all necessary nutritional factors in order to support and stimulate the hematopoietic process, taken in a form that facilitates absorption.
Iron: it is a constituent fundamental of the respiratory pigments.
Copper: it mobilises the bodily reserves of iron and it favours the synthesis of haemoglobin.
Cobalt: it is essential for the synthesis of the vitamin B12.
Folic Acid: participates in the formation of the red globules.
Vitamin B12: it’s essential for the DNA and the haemoglobin synthesis.


Vitamins: Vitamin A 600.000 I.U., Vitamin D3 90.000 I.U., Vitamin E 17.000 mg, Vitamin B12 40 mg, Folic Acid 1.500 mg, Choline chloride 4.000 mg.
Trace-elements: Iron 8.000 mg, Copper 1.400 mg, Manganese 4.000 mg, Zinc 5.000 mg.
Amino acids: L Lysine 80.000 mg.
Complete composition: see label.


During hard training or in case of decrease of red cells: 40 ml/day for all the necessary time.
Foal: 20 ml/day.
Adult horse: 30 ml/day.
Pre-race: 30 ml/day for almost 10 day before the race.


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