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2 October 2019
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2 October 2019

Horse Mineral Pellet

Vitamin-mineral supplement for horses in PELLET FORM
  • Excellent value for money
  • Balance diets based on mixtures of cereals
  • Ideal integration for pony

Polveri 5 kg25 kg

HORSE MINERAL PELLETis a mineral feed that bring vitamins, trace elements and minerals, which are fundamental for the daily integration for the horses that have a diet based on the cereals.
Suggested for the horses with a “home diet”.


Vitamins: Vitamin A 380.000 I.U, Vitamin D3 38.000 I.U., Vitamin E 4.730 mg, Choline chloride 8.190 mg, Vitamin C 2.520 mg.
Oligoelements: Iron 1.415 mg, Copper 850 mg, Manganese 2.125 mg, Zinc 2.125 mg.
Complete composition: see label.


Horses in light work: 50 g/day.
Horses in medium work: 80 g/day.
Horses in hard work: 100 g/day.
Broodmares: 100 g/day.


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