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2 October 2019
2 October 2019

Osteo Foal


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Powder supplement for mares and growing foals
  • Improve skeleton and muscle of the foal
  • Supply for pregnant mares and in lactation
  • Supply extra calcium and minerals for old horses
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Polveri 2_500g

OSTEO FOAL is a vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for the growth foal for a perfect and beautiful develop of the muscle and the skeleton. It reduces the danger of osteo-articular problems as epiphysis and osteochondrosis. In the broodmares, we suggest the use of this product from the 7th month of gestation until the 3th month of lactation.

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Trace elements: Iron 1.000 mg, Copper 2.500 mg, Manganese 3.000 mg, Zinc 7.000 mg, Cobalt 20 mg.
Amino acids: L Lysine 100.000 mg, DL Metionine 21.000 mg.
Vitamins: Vitamin A 1.000.000 I.U., Vitamin D3 200.000 I.U., Vitamin E 50.000 mg, Vitamin B12 100 mg.
Complete composition: see label.


1 scoop = 25 g.
Mares: 40 g/day from 7th month of gestation until the 3rd month of lactation.
Foals: 10-20 g/day until 1 year, then two measure up to two years of age.
Old horses: 20 g/day at least 30 days periodically.


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