Protected Honey Hoof
Protected Honey Hoof
2 October 2019
13 November 2019

Pain Stop

Horse product with a refreshing and toning action
  • Refreshing and toning

Creme 8 kg25 kg

PAIN STOP is an ointment with clay, plant extracts and essential oils that is used after work to refresh, relax and tone muscles, ligaments and tendons. Pain Stop plays different roles: Absorbent: Drains purulent infections and absorbs oedemas. Sedative: Has a sedative effect in case of localized pain or general pain caused by traumas or inflammations. Haemostatic: Acts on clotting times. Mineralizing: Transfers essential salts and minerals to the body.


Arnica, algae, clay
Complete composition: see label.


• Apply Pain Stop to the skin forming a 1cm-thick layer with one hand, making it adhere, and smooth with a sponge.
• Remove Pain Stop the following day with a brush, clean with cold water and repeat the treatment for a few days.

We advise NOT to apply it in case of injuries on very sensitive horses since it may be irritating.


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