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Mangimi per cavalliLOGO Equiplanet
Mangimi per cavalliLOGO Equiplanet
Mangimi per cavalliLOGO Equiplanet

Food and minerals and complementary for the feeding of the athlete horse




26 October 2020

Old Horse: Nutritional Management

In the last few years, the management, the feeding and the careful of the horses has made sure that their average life is extended by several years and we often find ourselves in the situation where we have to manage old horses. Age, experience and temperament make them the best subjects for beginners who approach to ride horse and in every equestrian school there is at least one old horse. Furthermore, old horses are often mares and breeding stallions after a sport career. Age is not a limit for sport, but at some point in their career, horses have difficult in maintaining bodyweight and are prone to slimming, especially in winter and sometimes it happens very quickly, despite having plenty of food and preserved appetite. Let’s see together how to approach the old horse from the nutritional point of view.
24 August 2020
horse musculature

Horse musculature: how to support it? 5 Equiplanet Tips

The musculature of the sport horses is the propulsion system that allows the animal to make a difference during the performance to which it is subjected. For this reason, the muscles must be well developed and functional
27 July 2020
Electrolytes for horses

Electrolytes for Horses: How to Supplement Mineral Salts Lost with Sweat

Electrolytes for horses are elements that conduct electricity in solution. The most important in horses are sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium and they supervise over […]

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