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Food and minerals and complementary for the feeding of the athlete horse




26 July 2022
stress da trasporto nel cavallo

Transport stress in the horse

Transport stress in the horse has been amply demonstrated in the field and everyone easily understands the repercussions of a travel on equine welfare. What is meant by stress? We all know it but it is not easy to define. It has been described as a consequence of the negative effects of management or the environment that force an animal to change its natural condition or behaviour to avoid a physiological malfunction, thus helping the animal to cope with its environment.
26 April 2021

Yearling Period: Balanced diet for best development in the first year of horse life

As already mentioned previously, the development of the foal and the attention we must take to its nutrition starts from the moment it is still a conception moment, before it is born. During the first year of life, the average weight gain is approximately one kg per day, this is why a correct balance between the different nutrients is essential for optimal development. Nutritional mistakes in this phase can compromise the yearling's harmonious growth and future racing career.
26 October 2020

Old Horse: Nutritional Management

In the last few years, the management, the feeding and the careful of the horses has made sure that their average life is extended by several years and we often find ourselves in the situation where we have to manage old horses. Age, experience and temperament make them the best subjects for beginners who approach to ride horse and in every equestrian school there is at least one old horse. Furthermore, old horses are often mares and breeding stallions after a sport career. Age is not a limit for sport, but at some point in their career, horses have difficult in maintaining bodyweight and are prone to slimming, especially in winter and sometimes it happens very quickly, despite having plenty of food and preserved appetite. Let’s see together how to approach the old horse from the nutritional point of view.

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A family passion for animals and horses. Equiplanet was born in Veneto, Northern Italy, from the more than 30 years experience form Tecnozoo. Not only horse feed, but even many products for any life moment of your race horse and for any convenience, A whole 360° brand which endorses a full range of products managed for functions, giving you the most specialized product ready to satisfy all the needs of your race horse. Learn more

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There are so many clients all around the world that have already choosen the quality of Equiplanet horse feed both complementary and minerals, and its products. We are available in more than 30 Countries all around the world, serving our products to many horses everyday. A global brand, specialized in producing and selling horse feed.

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Equiplanet gives to you the best expert’s pool to offer you the best personalized solutions suitable for your race horse. We’ll follow you in any moment, giving you the most in line solutions, thanks to our specialists all around the world. Contact us for your personalized consulting write us to info@equiplanet.it

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