26 July 2023
source of energy for the horse

Fiber or grain: which is the best source of energy for the horse?

Fiber and grains are the basis of the sport horse's diet. But which of the two turns out to be the best source of energy for the horse? Equines are monogastric herbivores, meaning they have a simple stomach and feed mainly on fibrous vegetation or plant material, which should make up the largest percentage of the horse's diet. Often, the demands of sport and stabling alter what is the physiology and ethology of the horse.
30 May 2023
poor performance in horses

The main causes of poor performance in horses

Sometimes our horses do not perform in training and competition as well as we would like. This can be traced back to different causes that must […]
26 April 2023
mantello lucente per il tuo cavallo

How to get a shiny coat for your horse

Obtaining a shiny coat is often difficult, as there are several factors that lead to this result. We are talking about environmental factors, dietary factors and […]
29 November 2022
minerals in horse nutrition

Minerals in horse nutrition: when and which ones to feed

Horses are composed of 70% water and 4% minerals. Without minerals, horses would not be able to metabolise fats, proteins and carbohydrates and there would be […]
25 October 2022
vitamins in horse nutrition

Vitamins in horse nutrition

What do we know about vitamins in the horse? When is it necessary to supplement them in the diet? If they are already present in the […]
27 September 2022
cavallo sovrappeso

Overweight horse

how to regain a good shape with Equiplanet Obesity in equines occurs in about 30% of the equine population in industrialised countries and negatively affects health. […]
26 July 2022
stress da trasporto nel cavallo

Transport stress in the horse

Transport stress in the horse has been amply demonstrated in the field and everyone easily understands the repercussions of a travel on equine welfare. What is meant by stress? We all know it but it is not easy to define. It has been described as a consequence of the negative effects of management or the environment that force an animal to change its natural condition or behaviour to avoid a physiological malfunction, thus helping the animal to cope with its environment.
29 June 2022
Managing the horse in summertime

Horse management in summer in 10 steps

Summer is definitely the busiest time for riders and horse owners, whatever the discipline, from endurance competitions to hill rides to riding competitions. In this season […]