26 July 2022
stress da trasporto nel cavallo

Transport stress in the horse

Transport stress in the horse has been amply demonstrated in the field and everyone easily understands the repercussions of a travel on equine welfare. What is meant by stress? We all know it but it is not easy to define. It has been described as a consequence of the negative effects of management or the environment that force an animal to change its natural condition or behaviour to avoid a physiological malfunction, thus helping the animal to cope with its environment.
29 June 2022
Managing the horse in summertime

Horse management in summer in 10 steps

Summer is definitely the busiest time for riders and horse owners, whatever the discipline, from endurance competitions to hill rides to riding competitions. In this season […]
23 May 2022
Horse Hoof Care

Horse hoof care: 5 tips from Equiplanet

Hoof care must necessarily be part of the daily habits of horse management, such as feeding, supplementing with complementary feed, washing and grooming. The horse's foot has several functions: it supports the horse's weight, disperses the energy of impact with the ground and protects the sensitive structures contained within it. It is therefore understandable how essential it is to take care of the horse's hoof.
28 March 2022

The Orphan Foal: Management and Feeding

Every breeder knows that he or she may have to manage an orphan foal because of birth complications or subsequent injuries or diseases unrelated to birth […]
25 January 2022

Gastric ulcer in horses

Feed management and limiting stress reactions: Equiplanet’s advice Every horseman knows that stress can have a considerable impact on the athletic performance of his horse, but […]
22 November 2021
articolazioni del cavallo

The wellbeing of the horse’s joints

The horse’s joints are complex and rather delicate structures. The units that make them up, such as cartilage, ligaments, joint capsules and bone tissue, must work […]
27 October 2021

Fats or oils in horse feeding

There is a growing interest in the use of oils in horses’ diets due to the benefits of using fewer concentrates to increase caloric intake, increased […]
26 July 2021
biotina per cavalli

Biotin for horses: how and when to use it

Biotin is a nutrient that has been focused on for many years for its effect on hoof growth and health. However, it is not the only […]