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2 October 2019
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2 October 2019

Antiemor Plus



Complementary feed for horses that increases the resistance of the capillary walls and prevent bleeding cases
  • Helps to prevent exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage
  • Strengthens and protects capillary walls (VITAMIN C AND HESEPRIDIN)
  • Acts as coagulant (VITAMIN K)

Polveri 2_500g

ANTIEMOR PLUS is a product studied to prevent exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, frequent especially in racehorses. Pulmonary hemorrhage is one of the causes of poor athletic performance in the horse since the blood in the alveolar level limits the oxygenation exchange and the production of ATP, causing an increase of metabolic acidosis phenomenon.


Vitamin C 50.000 mg, Vitamin K 1.500 mg, Citrus limon burm 17.500 mg.
Citrus aurantium var. dulcis 17.500 mg
Complete composition: see label.


1 scoop = 25 g.
Prevention: 20 g per day for 25 days periodically for 4 annual treatments
Complementary to Bleeding treatments: 40 g per day up to the result.


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